About us

As a socially dependable appearance, Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India attempts to make an incentive for the Indian culture by presenting the magnificence, effortlessness, and astuteness encapsulated in the different celebrations of India, subsequently saving India’s rich social legacy. We bring one of a kind traditions, conventions and integrity of Indian celebrations to shape a particular affiliation known as the Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India. Through this association, we want to shape shared regard for and cultivate the normal bond that different Indian celebrations share.

The extraordinary decent variety of Indian religious convictions is anticipated through the different celebrations that are commended in India. They emerge from the natural want of a man to look for preoccupation from unexceptional exercises that assistance in symbolizing, reflecting and advancing public activity in a particular social setting. SCFI tries to save and advance consciousness of this rich and differentiated social fortune among the resident of this nation through different works that emphasis on the custom of perfection, talking the renowned legends, ceremonies, folklore and logic of Indian Festivals and thusly encouraging familiarity with their more profound and subtler qualities.